Posted by aclyyx on 01-28,2018

git archive查看帮助:

usage: git archive [<options>] <tree-ish> [<path>...]
   or: git archive --list
   or: git archive --remote <repo> [--exec <cmd>] [<options>] <tree-ish> [<path>...]
   or: git archive --remote <repo> [--exec <cmd>] --list

    --format <fmt>        archive format
    --prefix <prefix>     prepend prefix to each pathname in the archive
    -o, --output <file>   write the archive to this file
                          read .gitattributes in working directory
    -v, --verbose         report archived files on stderr
    -0                    store only
    -1                    compress faster
    -9                    compress better

    -l, --list            list supported archive formats

    --remote <repo>       retrieve the archive from remote repository <repo>
    --exec <command>      path to the remote git-upload-archive command


git archive --format zip --output "./" HEAD
git archive --format zip -o ./ HEAD